Bullet time HD

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Bullet time HD

Welcome to the universe of Bullet Time – an epic action adventure story like no-other in the App Store!

Play through multiple campaigns delving deeper into the story of Bullet Time or join the action online, as players take part in three-player co-op multiplayer against the vicious mutated hordes!

Experience a large, living 3d-world with multiple quests and hidden secrets along the way. Retina and HD graphics optimized for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S.

Survive a depraved, distant future where dangers lurk around every corner and only a few human survivors are living scattered throughout the wilderness.

Customize your character uniquely and upgrade every weapon in extensive ways.

Unleash the power of destructive boosts as the mutant armies attempt to take John Irish down.

Compete along with your friends to reach number one on the GameCenter leader boards and unlock exquisite achievements deep within the world of Bullet Time!

Credits to (alphabetical order):

  • Bjarne Fisker Jensen
  • Bodie Jahn-Mulliner
  • Chris Hjort
  • Daniel Johnsen
  • Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
  • Jakob Strunge Christensen
  • Jan Rybka
  • Jeppe Bisbjerg
  • Jesper Carisius
  • Lars Blaabjerg
  • Morten Larsen
  • Nicki T. Hansen
  • Nils Koster
  • Raivis Perijs
  • Rasmus Kristensen
  • Sylvester Rishøj
  • Thomas Frøhlich
  • Tommy Højbjerg


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